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Baldwin Park.

Taqueria La Chilanguita

3638 Baldwin Park Blvd, Baldwin Park, CA 91706

When you're looking for some fantastic, fresh Mexican food when you are in the Baldwin Park area, then check out Taqueria La Chilanguita on Baldwin Park Boulevard. Chilanguita's is the definition of authentic Mexican food, with all the staples like tortas, tamales, quesadillas, enchiladas, fajitas, tacos, burritos, and so on. The chilaquiles verdes is one of our favorites, and we're obsessed with the green sauce and always get it with the burritos! Their food is always made with the freshest ingredients, and their recipes have been passed down for generations. If you're thirsty, they have some incredibly fresh and refreshing juices. Taqueria La Chilanguita is a simply incredible experience every single time, and the atmosphere is always festive.

Miss Tea

14317 Ramona Blvd, Ste B, Baldwin Park, CA 91706

Miss Tea is our favorite spot to go for coffee, tea, and bubble tea. They feature some simply fantastic coffee and tea drinks that will always get you kick started and make sure that you have the energy to do what you need throughout the day. In addition to fantastic coffee drinks, they make some amazing bubble teas in a variety of sweet flavors. Some of our favorites are the brown sugar, strawberry, salted caramel, and black sugar. We think the honey lemon green tea and the jasmine black tea are two of the most refreshing drinks though! If you want a real fruity treat, try the green apple icy or if you've got a sweet tooth the vanilla cookie smoothie is insanely good!

Red Top Kitchen

13521 Francisquito Ave, Baldwin Park, CA 91706

There are very few places in the Baldwin Park area, it seems, where you can get some seriously good Vietnamese food, but no worries because Red Top Kitchen definitely has you covered. They don't just have the best Vietnamese food around, but they have some of the best Vietnamese food you can get just about anywhere! They feature some amazing Vietnamese favorites, and h ave some of the best Pho you will ever dig into. They have some amazing broth that is full of flavor and all of their ingredients are flavorful and fresh every single time. Red Top Kitchen is definitely the place to go for some great, unforgettable Pho!

626 Hawaiian BBQ & BOBA

4386 Maine Ave, Baldwin Park, CA 91706

It is not often that you come across Hawaiian food restaurants, but 626 Hawaiian BBQ & BOBA definitely covers that niche for the Baldwin Park area. They feature amazing comfort food and you'll loving getting to dig into their absolutely delicious meals. We love all of the fresh meals here, from the grilled mahi mahi, loco moco, and the BBQ chicken. Their portion size is beyond generous, and you will always end up leaving with amazing leftovers that taste great when they have been reheated. To drink, try the Volcano bubble tea. 626 Hawaiian BBQ & BOBA is always a fantastic place to go when you're in the mood for some delicious Hawaiian style BBQ.

Himalayan Cafe

4291 Maine Ave, Baldwin Park, CA 91706

If you're a fan of Indian food then there are very few places that are better at it than Himalayan Cafe on Maine Avenue. They feature fantastic, authentic Himalayan cuisine that has been created with mountain grown herbs as well as spices. The atmosphere at Himalayan Cafe is extremely authentic and intimate. They feature fantastic, authentic Nepali cuisine that is always on point. We strongly recommend their Lam Masala, the Chicken Biryani, or any of their amazing seafood dishes. Himalayan Cafe is always a fantastic option when you're looking for a great meal.

Orchid Thai

1634 Puente Ave, Baldwin Park, CA 91706

Orchid Thai is absolutely the place in the Baldwin Park area to go when you're craving Thai food and want fresh, authentic flavor. At Orchard Thai, they you can get all the old favorites of Thai cuisine, like Pad Thai, Gang Garee Curry, and even Hainan Curry every Thursday! They feature some great, original specialties as well that you will always enjoy digging into. Their spicy fried rice and garlic pepper rice are both insanely good, but the fried tofu with veggies is our favorite. Be sure to get the veggie egg rolls to start - they're amazing! You will never be disappointed with your experience at Orchid Thai. They have the most amazing service and a charming, friendly atmosphere that never gets old.

Baldwin Park Pizza Co

4744 Maine Ave, Baldwin Park, CA 91706

When you're looking to dig into some absolutely amazing pizza in the Baldwin Park area then there are very few places that are any better than Baldwin Park Pizza Company. At Baldwin Park Pizza Company, they go to great lengths to provide high quality pizza pies that you can't get anything like just about anywhere in the area. They make their food with an original pizza recipe that has been passed down for more than 30 years! They use all 100% real Wisconsin cheese, hand tossed dough, and much more. And the toppings? They have a great variety so you can order pizza with the flavor you want. Baldwin Park Pizza Company is always a fantastic option for pizza when you are in Baldwin Park.

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