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Mr. Lee's Barbeque House

12300 South St, Artesia, CA
(562) 809-1339

Calling all Korean barbecue fans! If you are craving some KBBQ and you plan to be in the Artesia area with Party Bus Bakersfield in the coming weeks, add Mr. Lee's Barbeque House to your itinerary now! The fact that this place offers up all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue favorites for just ten bucks makes it an automatic Party Bus Bakersfield favorite. Our budget-conscious party bus travelers in Artesia just can't get enough! Amazing brisket, spicy pork, and marinated chicken.

Red Eye Fish

18921 Norwalk Blvd, Artesia, CA
(562) 202-9430

Red Eye Fish brings together the worlds of Asian fusion restaurants, sushi bars, and tapas bars. It's brand new, having opened just a couple of months ago at the time of this writing. The Artesia area certainly has a gem in this one, and our Party Bus Bakersfield customers have fallen in love with it! Just a few of our top recommendations here would be the spicy seafood udon, the uni pasta, and the seafood udon pasta. The green tea ice cream is an absolute must for dessert!

Gerry's Grill

11710 South St, Artesia, CA
(562) 403-1000

Gerry's Grill is a Filipino establishment that serves up some truly tantalizing dishes fit for a hungry Party Bus Bakersfield group! The sizzling pork sisig seems to be the top recommendation here, and the sugba kinilaw is another dish that we've never been able to resist. If you're a seafood lover, dive into the tuna or the grilled squid. They are superb. The hours are quite generous here, until 10 or 12 most weeknights and as late as 1am on Fri-Sat! Full bar, lively atmopshere, great service.

Shanghai Style Restaurant

18311 Pioneer Blvd, Artesia, CA
(562) 916-0091

Shanghai Style Restaurant is a charming spot to indulge in won ton soup, dumplings, stir fried green beans, and so many other Shanghai favorites. Shao long pao is the name of their traditional dumplings and we definitely recommend that you start off your meal with a generous helping of those. The Shanghai special is our favorite choice for an entree, comprised of sliced tofu, celery, cuttle fish, slided pork, and shrimp. The shepherd's purse is another great choice!

Kariya Shabu Shabu & BBQ

18868 Norwalk Blvd, Artesia, CA
(562) 402-9666

Kariya Shabu Shabu & BBQ is a Taiwanese and Korean barbecue where you can get your fill of all your KBBQ favorites. They have fun round tables with a grill at the center, so you can enjoy not just a fantastic meal, but a bit of entertainment and interactivity while you dine! The marinated meats and chow mein are two of our favorite things here. We love the sauce bar where you can really get creative. No full bar, but a nice beer and wine selection. Open til 10 all nights except Tuesday when they're closed.

Salo-Salo Grill

18300 Gridley Rd, Artesia, CA
(562) 809-6277

Salo-Salo Grill is a Filipino restaurant that has really made a big splash with a whole lot of our party bus customers. The platters are a great part of the menu for you and your larger groups to focus on, as you can order up a few of them and feed everyone comfortably and affordably. The chicharron is a major highlight for us. We love the adobo fried rice and the pinkabet too. The fried bananas with ube ice cream is just delish, and everyone loves that it's in Lakers colors! Great for the big game night!

Belly Bombz Kitchen

11824 Artesia Blvd, Artesia, CA
(562) 402-5400

Belly Bombz Kitchen is a Korean place known for their amazing chicken wings. It's not a huge place, but mid-sized Party Bus Bakersfield groups will feel comfortable here, and if your group is too large, you can always enjoy some takeout on the party bus! The oxtail poutine is one of the best things we have ever tasted. The brisket spring rolls are another must-have. The wings and sliders are what they're known for, and for good reason! Great white tea as well. They've got TVs and a nice beer/wine selection too.

Zip Codes for Artesia: 90701, 90702

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