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Old Place Restaurant

29983 Mulholland Hwy, Agoura Hills, CA 91301
(818) 706-9001

When you've got a large Party Bus Bakersfield group together in Agoura and you really want to choose a dinner destination that will be cozy and memorable, you've got to opt for Old Place Restaurant. It's been going strong for ages and it's so affordable, and yet the food is just so mouth wateringly good! The pot pie is something that we would travel miles and miles for, and we just can't say enough good things about their noodle bake and sourdough bread. Ask about the dessert of the day!

Padri Italian Cuisine & Martini Bar

29008 Agoura Rd, Agoura Hills, CA 91301
(818) 865-3700

Padri Italian Cuisine & Martini Bar is a gorgeous Italian restaurant and lounge that really serves Party Bus Bakersfield's Agoura area customers so well. This is an establishment that has been going strong for a very, very long time, and you can see that longevity in their consistency and their overall quality. The bar is beautifully lit and there are so many cozy places to sit here, either inside on the couches out outdoors under a cabana. The wine selection is noteworthy. We recommend the lobster and the osso bucco!

Boar Dough Tasting Room

5015 Cornell Rd, Agoura Hills, CA 91301
(818) 889-2387

Boar Dough Tasting Room is a real haven for those Party Bus Bakersfield travelers in the Agoura area who appreciate a nice glass of fine wine, a good mug of craft beer, and just an overall excellent bar selection. It's casual and cool here, with plenty of seating for even your largest party bus groups, and just stellar service. There aren't any beers on tap here, but the selection in bottles more than makes up for that. Good prices and a great staff make this one a must-visit for you!

Cafe 14

30315 Canwood St, Agoura Hills, CA 91301
(818) 991-9560

Cafe 14 is a French and hAmerican restaurant that is known for having amazing seafood. It's beautiful and simple here, keeping the focus on the food, where it should be. There are so many unique gourmet items for you to enjoy here, including just a few of our favorites, the tuna tartare with wonton chips, the free range chicken, the burgundy braised boneless beef short ribs, the truffle fries, and for dessert, the unforgettable caramel banana bread pudding! Wow! Love this place.

Maral Cuisine

5843 Kanan Rd, Agoura Hills, CA 91301
(818) 889-9495

Maral Cuisine, formerly known as Char Fasi, is always a superb choice if you're after a mouth watering Middle Eastern, Persian, and Iranian meal. There are so many delectable dishes for you to choose from when you're out here with Party Bus Bakersfield in the Agoura area, but the ones that we'd most recommend to you are the zereshk polo, the stuffed grape leaves, and of course that oh-so-classic hummus. The boneless chicken kabobs and salmon kabobs are ridiculously good too!

Ladyface Alehouse & Brasserie

29281 Agoura Rd, Agoura Hills, CA 91301
(818) 477-4566

Our current entry is a gastropub that we really think you will fall in love with when you're out and about with Party Bus Bakersfield in the Agoura area. Their craft brews will have you swooning, with our top four recommendations being the Picture City Porter, the Blind Ambition, the Trois Filled Tripel, and the La Blanche! Definitely dig into some of that hearty French onion soup as a starter, and don't be afraid to be adventurous on this menu. Every single item is dee-lish.

Lure Fish House

30970 Russell Ranch Rd, Westlake Village, CA 91362
(818) 651-6611

Lure Fish House is a must-jot-down for your Party Bus Bakersfield trip in Agoura. Seriously, grab a pen and paper, or stick that name and address in your smartphone now! (Psst – don't forget to add Party Bus Bakersfield to your contacts while you're at it!) There are a ton of items we'd recommend to you on this seemingly endless menu, including the charbroiled oysters and the calamari! Seafood lovers will just be in heaven here. Incredible food and service, and great prices too!

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