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Rustic Cafe & Bakery

33312 Santiago Rd, Acton, CA 93510
(661) 269-1381

Rustic Cafe & Bakery has made a big impression on our Party Bus Bakersfield customers in Acton, first because of their reasonable prices, and second because everything that they serve there is so delicious! For salads, sandwiches, pastries, and all manner of cafe and bakery favorites, you can't do better than this. It's an absolute joy to browse their display cases and pick out something mouth watering for lunch or a midday snack. The chocolate cake and cinnamon rolls are to die for!

The Pizza Place

3942 Sierra Hwy, Acton, CA 93510
(661) 269-0096

A real classic pizza spot in the Acton area for our Party Bus Bakersfield peeps is The Pizza Place. Simply named and simply presented, this is an establishment that's low on cost and big on flavor! The flavor of the crust is just addictive! Before we sink our teeth into that fabulous pizza though, we usually indulge in some fresh antipasto salad or perhaps split some rib tips as an appetizer! They include the taxes in the price here, so there's not much guesswork or budgeting involved!

Crazy Otto's Diner

33317 Santiago Rd, Acton, CA 93510
(661) 269-1521

Crazy Otto's Diner is a name that anyone who frequents the Acton area will recognize! They are best known for their breakfasts and brunches, and if you are lucky enough to be coming through this area with Party Bus Bakersfield during those bold and bright AM hours, then make the bold and bright decision to indulge in a hearty meal here! You won't regret it. The prime rib and eggs is a must if you're there on the weekend. Expect a wait during their prime brunch hours! Worth it!

49er Bar & Grill

31908 Crown Valley Rd, Acton, CA 93510
(661) 269-1360

49er Bar & Grill is another classic located in the Acton area, this time a local dive bar that our Party Bus Bakersfield customers have certainly come to rely on over the years. They are very consistent when it comes to the quality of the food and service, and that's always a good thing. Karaoke night is one of the best times to be there, living it up and enjoying the good vibes. They're known for their huge array of Mexican food. We love it all. The flautas are just fantastic and we love the carne asada!

Vincent Hill Station

553 Sierra Hwy, Acton, CA 93510
(661) 272-4799

Vincent Hill Station is a wine bar and music venue that's not only very conveniently located for an evening destination during your Acton outing with Party Bus Bakersfield, but it's also just one of the best places that you could ever choose to visit, worth even a long trip! It's classy and beautiful, not overly pricey, and of the highest quality. We'd very highly recommend the chicken piccata for your entree and the chocolate mousse cake for your dessert! Just heavenly to the tastebuds!


3620 Smith Ave, Acton, CA 93510
(661) 269-1888

Wences is primarily known for their mouth watering Chinese food, but they also dive into some enticing options from all over the globe, including Italian and Mexican fare! And it's all good. Every single dish, every single bite. This is not a huge place, located within Acton Market shopping center, so you'll want to call ahead to see if they can accommodate your Party Bus Bakersfield group, or just pick up some takeout to enjoy in your Party Bus Bakersfield vehicle! Zoom, zoom, yum!

Grizzly Bear's Burgers

2211 Sierra Hwy, Acton, CA 93510
(661) 269-2944

Many of our Party Bus Bakersfield groups are seeking an old fashioned diner style place where they can enjoy such ol' school delights as bacon cheeseburgers, perfectly cooked french fries, and of course a cool and creamy milkshake to wash it all down! When our Party Bus Bakersfield customers ask us about a place like that, we send them straight to Grizzly Bear's Burgers! You've truly never had a burger as juicy and delicious as they are here. You'll just love this little dive!

Zip Codes for Acton: 91390, 93510, 93550, 93551

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